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Losing wallets and weddings! [Sep. 14th, 2016|01:21 pm]
[Current Location |United States, Alaska, Anchorage]
[mood |Relaxed]
[music |Spirits in the Material World - The Police]

It has been over a week now that my cousin Jeremy (on my Father’s side) got married.  I haven’t seen him in person since 1986 while visiting that part of the family in the Chicago area.  That visit was fun, invigorating and a good reconnection with family that I needed at the time.

Fast forward 25 years later, the interweb reunited our family – if only electronically.  Getting updates about my Aunt, Uncle and cousins lives was always uplifting at just the right time. 

My previous physical interaction with my favorite part of my Father’s family was the summer of 1975.  I was 11 years old and got to spend a whole summer in the Midwest.  The first thing I was amazed by was the fireflies.   Bugs that glow in the dark!  (yes, I’m still thrilled about them to this very day)  Then, getting an eye opening life lesson from my aunt that helped me see the world a little different .  A lesson that I use to this very day.   There are different forms of “love”  I could go into detail, but that’s basically what she said (gave some unique specific examples that I’m sure most people in Western society can relate to)   That simple statement opened my eyes on how to treat people. 

An interesting side note (but relevant) about my aunt.  The very first impression I have of remember meeting her (she was at my baptism.. which I obviously cannot recall) was when she and her family came to pick our family up at the train station in Chicago.  Still very clear in my mind is waiting in front of the Station, watching this crazed looking woman with a mixture of anxiety and fear on her face..  I clearly recall being scared of this woman, hoping it was not my aunt.   She came towards us.. which means it was my aunt.   The second she started talking to us, all that fear and anxiety melted away… right before my very eyes, this woman opened up and her smile radiated this ….glow. That glow never faded in the time I knew her. 

After her Memorial service last year, my baby sister came back to reveal an interesting story about that very day.   One of my other cousins told my sister that they were forbidden to even say the word “California” in the house while growing up.   My aunt and grandmother did not get along to say the very least.   This made painful memories of San Francisco for my aunt to the point she had passed on that fear and frustration (even if just a little) Apparently, my aunt was terrified to meet her own family from California because she thought we might bring that fear and anger from our grandmother (her mother) with us.. When she realized (within 30 seconds of meeting us in person) we did not bring it with us.. That’s when the glow emerged.

Almost 20 years after that summer, my Aunt and Uncle came to California to see my baby sister get married.   I went up to her, and told her that summer saved my life and sanity.   To my shock, she replied that she thought she failed.    Ten years later, she notified the family (at 76 years of age) had cancer.   Even with Treatment, which she underwent, the doctors said she had a 50/50 chance of living ..which, sadly she did not.   I felt greatful I got to spend any time with her..and let her know how big an positive influence she was on my life.

Now we come to the wedding in California in 2016.  There were about 50 people, very close friends, of which, My cousin seems to have quite a few he can truly call that, immediate family – even though we have not had physical contact in at least 15 years.  His sisters had brought their families, One husband. One “life partner” and one adopted kid from (I believe the Dominican Republic)  One very lovely gay couple from Chichago, friends from Brooklyn.  Commenting to my baby sister, it felt like being in an episode of “Modern Family”   Just before the vows were to be exchanged, everyone was invited to help scatter Aunt Kath’s ashes on the ranch..   Apparently, EVERYONE knew (and naturally loved) my aunt. 

His sister officiated the vows.

They kissed. 

They toasted (I had to drink sparkling water thanks to medformin) 

We drank.

We ate a lovely dinner.

We chatted with old and new friends.

They had the first dance…there was no cake! (??) 

The next day, I had to call Alaska airlines informing them I lost my wallet (with my drivers lisence)  They told me TSA will probably let me through since I was returning on a RT trip.. if I answered a few personal questions.  Geez, they go into your work history at length.  Overall, it was worth losing my wallet over.
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Old Skool Politiks [Aug. 25th, 2016|10:20 am]
[Current Location |Anchorage, Alaska]
[mood |Snarky]
[music |Call me - Nancy Wilson]

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Peter Finch Primal Scream.. [Jul. 8th, 2016|01:25 pm]
[Current Location |Anchorage, Alaska]
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]

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A Lesson in Entropy [Jul. 7th, 2016|11:58 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |Anchorage, Alaska]
[mood |accomplished]

What are your earliest memories?  Mine is the first day of kindergarten.  My mother was so proud that her first born was all ready to walk out the door on his own to school.  You know, one less crying kid in the house down.. 3 to go.  The night before, she made me a brown paper bag lunch, sandwich (don’t exactly recall what it was)  and PUDDING for desert.  She put the pudding in an empty baby food jar, put the filled jar in the brown paper bag and placed it in the fridge overnight.   I recall being so thrilled to be allowed to walk out the door on my own, unsupervised.  I was going on an adventure through the Shire (FYI, Marin, County, California in 1969 was the Shire.. trust me) Thankfully, this adventure into the unknown was just my step towards independence and education.
Sure, nap time and graham crackers are all I can recall about kindergarten, but hey, I was on my first steps.

Each step towards school was a bit of a chore, because I was so thrilled (i.e. easily distracted by the FREEDOM I was given, I had to remind myself to get to school.)   - Humming and singing (probably Disney songs…probably very loudly) along the way.  

Suddenly (you saw this interruption in the cosmic flow, didn’t you?) I hear a “kersplunk” (yes, “Kersplunk”) Stopped dead in my tracks to see a horrific site a 6 year old can witness; entropy in action.  The glass jar had been in the refrigerator overnight.. the walk outside had collected condensation outside the jar. The brown paper bag offers no real support for that much entropy… Kersplunk goes the pudding.

What else could I do?  Surely I could not attend such a momentous day without desert, could I?

Heck no!

Instead of crying about it, I resolved to fix the problem by marching right back home.. even though I was just one block away from school. 

Meanwhile, the school had instantly called my mother asking why I wasn’t there.

I’m sure this drove my mother insane.   When I came through the front door (guessing here) about five minutes after she got the call from school, she was A)  Relived and B)   frustrated.   I just held up my  to show my mother the empty and broken brown paper bag.  

Mom had to pack up me, and my three sisters in the car, drove me to school, with another lunch. (no pudding though) Where I probably arrived just in time for graham crackers, milk and nap time.

Later that afternoon, mom bought me a tin “Peanuts” lunchbox. 


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Word Salad d'jour [May. 29th, 2016|12:22 pm]
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Ode to Joy [May. 26th, 2016|12:49 pm]
[Current Location |Anchorage, Alaska]
[mood |thankfulthankful]
[music |Lust for Life - Iggy Pop]

I lived 20 miles away in Sonoma Valley at the time.  My co-worker had a 1976 Honda Civic. In my humble opinion, there is no finer design in automobiles.  Granted, the engine had 200,000 miles racked up on it.  Sure the brakes needed a lot of work …and we had to use wires to pull on the windshield wipers when it rained – but it transported Rick and myself to a small palace of magic: the Cotati Cabaret at least three nights a week.

Summer,1985. That’s when I was inspired by a little old man named Vito (at least I’m mostly sure that was his name was.)  That small, shriveled, frail, silver haired old man did not let his physical appearance deter him from attending probably every single show, most every night. 

Vito would flail his arms and hips around (much as his hips would let him) and give out a joyous yelp.. no matter how good or bad the music was, Vito would take his spot on the dance floor.  His joy was contagious.  Everyone around him just smiled.  Girls would flock around him and dance to his zeal for life. Even the guys would grin. 

Be like Vito.
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Long time, no see [Apr. 28th, 2016|02:28 pm]

Hi there.

Again, long time no see, Livejournal. I am sorry but Facebook is super shiny.

I cannot promise I’ll visit more – but I’ll try.

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The Mirror of Erised [Jul. 5th, 2015|12:13 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |United States, Alaska, Anchorage]
[mood |awake]

For the Muggles out there, The Mirror of Erised is a magical mirror that, when looking into it, would reflect our strongest desires.  Albus Dumbledore pointed  out to Harry that a content person, upon looking into this mirror would see themselves (content with their life)  Harry, having no parents (or loving family) saw his parents.

What would you see if you happened upon this mirror?
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Stuff [May. 10th, 2015|11:55 pm]
[Current Location |Anchorage, Alaska]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

There's lots to share about my life (99% of it is awesome)  It's so awesome, its sucking up time.. which I need to use for sleep at the moment

Post tomrrow.. I swear!
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Finally! [Apr. 15th, 2015|01:18 pm]
[Current Location |Anchorage, Alaska]
[mood |accomplished]
[music |Lets call the whole thing off - Billie Holiday]

Sorry for the lengthy absence.. but I've had trouble accessing my account until today!  (it’s been 2 friggin years!?)

Anyway, lots of observations thoughts and amusing stories to post..

For now, Hello again, Live Journal!
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